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About Devi Niketan Heritage Hotel, Jaipur and it's surroundings.

  Devi Niketan is a family owned and operated Heritage Hotel in central Jaipur which was inaugurated in April 2008. It stands on a big plot with large, lush green lawns in front and rear of the building. A double storied heritage house, it is part of the 140 acre estate of the former ruling family of Chomu. It was built in 1934 by Thakur Devi Singhji, the ruler of Chomu, for his sixth son, Lieutenant (Later Major General) K Bhagwati Singh. A grateful son named the building after his father. Thus was born “Devi Niketan” which continues to be a prominent landmark in Jaipur.

Adjacent to Devi Niketan is “Govind Niwas”, the residence of Admiral Madhvendra Singh and his wife Kumu, who own and run “Devi Niketan”. Govind Niwas too stands on a big plot with plenty of greenery. Taken together the two properties stand on a two acre estate which gives a feeling of space and tranquility - even though it is surrounded by a bustling city. With twenty five varieties of indigenous trees on campus, it is no wonder that you can still hear the calls of Peacocks, Partridges, Cuckoos and Lapwings, as also the cooing of doves, on most days – something rare for most Indian cities. In addition you may see or hear many other bird species that frequent the garden.

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